Veterinary translators, in addition to numerous complementary instruments that facilitate their work, are required to have academic training in the relevant field.

The increase of immigrating populations worldwide has created a growing demand for veterinary translations, in reports about patients and health management in general.

Veterinary medicine is the science of preventing, diagnosing, and curing diseases in pets, wild animals, and livestock. Nowadays, it also takes care of the inspection and safety of food and prevention of zoonosis.

In this type of veterinary translation, it’s very common to find nomenclature and very specific terminology, and the language used can be very elaborate and complex.

We employ excellent translators, who have excellent knowledge of veterinary terminology thanks to the close collaboration with public and private organizations in this area.

Our specialties are:

Ø ECVAA Anesthesia and Analgesia                      Ø EVPC Parasitology            Ø ECAR Animal Reproduction

Ø ECZM Zoological Medicine                                   Ø ECVCN Nutrition             Ø ECVPT Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology

Ø ECBHM Bovine Health Management                 Ø ECVCP Clinical Pathology  Ø ECEIM Equine Internal Medicine

Ø ECPVS Poultry Farming               Ø ECLAM Lab Animal Medicine                 Ø ECPHM Swine Health Management

We emphasize the essential involvement of translators specializing in veterinary medicine and will only assign your project to experts with the highest level of professional knowledge in veterinary translations.

Please indicate the source and target languages, the area of specialization, the number of words or pages, the desired delivery date, and any information deemed relevant.

Our translation company will provide you with a completely free, no-obligation quote within a maximum of 1 hour.

Veterinary translators

The process, which we use, focuses on providing the best veterinary translation services with the highest quality and within the agreed-upon time.

We treat your documents in the most professional manner, taking all technical and legal precautions to ensure confidentiality.

Our specialized veterinary translators meet our stringent requirements on discretion and commitment to data protection.

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